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What we do

We develop and service the land into residential stands, commercial land and agro-residential schemes. Our community schemes include lodges, shopping malls, office apartments etc; and our industrial schemes include: industrial parks and warehouses.

As Kipros Property Developers, our first activity in housing development is the production of a residential layout design. Our registered and qualified surveyors carryout topographic surveys to establish the status of the planning area with regards to existing both man-made and natural features. They then produce a base map of the area.

Our Town Planners use computer software to draft a plan and design a residential layout design. Our residential layout designs clearly shows distribution of the planned settlements with respect to residential stands, institutional stands (schools, clinics), commercial stands (shops). Also the road networks and recreational areas are also shown on our residential designs.

Survey, Pegging and Demarcation of Stands

Our surveyors survey, peg and demarcate the planned stands that are on a planned settlements. We use recommended steel pegs, cement and numbered pegs which are placed systemeticallyon a stand by stand basis. We are a dynamic practise providing inspiring, sustainable engineering designs for development and infrastructure. The practise aims to add value by providing integrated construction and engineering solutions which meet the client's expectations.

Our Services

We aim to assist local people and the Diaspora to find legal and fully serviced land in line with the local authorities also in various PPPs(Public Private Partnerships). We also help private land owners in developing land into income generating projects. Our development projects are focused on the following areas;

  • Project Conceptualization & Development
  • Project Management Services
  • Civil Works Engineering & Constrruction
  • Housing Construction


Housing Development & Construction

We are a reliable housing development company committed to the development of high, medium and low density stands, quality cluster homes, garden flats as well as apartments.


Commercial & Industrial Development

Backed by our Partners from different sectors and different parts of the world, we develop smart office parks, industrial structures, medical centers and schools etc. for our clients.


Agro-Residential Development

We also develop Agro-Residential plots for our clients.

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